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  • GDPR

    Lawyer Up!  Information Security’s crucial role within a law firm.

    These days, much of our work is digitalised. Organisations adapt their business strategy and processes to a more data driven approach. This has a lot of advantages, but also comes with a risk, as a lot of these processes contain personally identifiable or sensitive information. This, in turn, means a higher risk of data breaches and could potentially even lead to reputation damage.

  • AVG

    Biometrics and GDPR: friend or foe?

    Biometric data are hot, and no longer only used by the judiciary and police. They offer various advantages in terms of convenience and security, professional and private. Just think of how easy it is to unlock your smartphone with facial recognition or log into your PC through fingerprint recognition. Biometrics have the ability to make our daily lives easier, both at home and in the office.

  • DPO

    Clinical Trials & GDPR: What non-EU companies need to know.

    in this article we will discuss some compliance elements for non-EU life sciences companies conducting clinical trials in the EU, thus processing personal data from EU data subjects. Specifically, we will focus on the roles of the GDPR Representative and the Data Protection Officer.

  • ePrivacy

    The end of Google Analytics?

    In the wild west that is the digital transfer of data, the decision made by the Austrian Data protection authority, the Datenschutzbehörde (hereafter ‘DSB’) on the 22nd December 2021 seems like the long awaited beginning of the end for unchecked international data transfers from the EEA to US-based tech giants such as Google and Facebook. Will this mean the end of Google Analytics?